Journalism 4350: Multi-Platform News Delivery

The overriding purpose of JOUR 4350 is to provide senior journalism majors with experience in a working newsroom that reflects some of the technological upheaval confronting the news industry today. We call this newsroom "News Central."

From this "central" operation, journalism majors regardless of emphasis (print, broadcast, online) work in teams and as individuals to produce news packages that are delivered on several platforms. Think of this class as a finishing school.

We want to send you out into the workplace as well-prepared as you can be to contribute to news organizations who may hire you. We want you to have the best resumé possible. We want you to get the best jobs possible, and we want you to have rewarding careers.

One step on the path to those ends is to spend your last semester at Tech applying all you have learned in journalism classes to the task of producing news.

Toward that end, we – students, faculty and staff – will spend the semester covering the Texas Tech Community. Think about it. Coverage of the Texas Tech community written, filmed, recorded and otherwise documented by students at Texas Tech. From Mass Comm facilities and through your enterprise, your packages will see light on the Web and will be considered for use in print publications as well as video and audio outlets.

Several variations on this theme continue to evolve as the concept grows throughout the academic year. News Central, like the Web that houses this site and the news business itself, is evolving and experimenting.