Texas Tech Today

Texas Tech Today Posting Policies

Posting ID and privileges

  • Most students will have Contributor rights. This means they can create posts and submit them for review by editors, but they cannot publish new posts directly. They have rights to revise and edit their own posts. After their first comment is approved, they may comment without further approval.
  • Editors can create posts, edit other people‚Äôs posts, and publish any of them.
  • Each site user must ensure (profile settings) that his or her REAL NAME (not nickname or user name) will be displayed publicly on posts.


  • Use down style
  • Headlines should be short enough that on Page 1 the headline does not wrap or conflict with section decorations (such as red gradient bar used as section marker)


  • Except for photo essays, ALL images should be cropped, sized and optimized (jpeg, better quality) in Fireworks BEFORE they are uploaded to the Web
  • Except for photo essays, NO image should be larger than 1000 pixel wide. Most should be 600 or less.
  • Teams or individuals creating photo essays need to confer with the course instructor and appropriate editors on the mechanics of creating a photo essay.

Categories and tags

  • Each post should have ONLY ONE CATEGORY affixed to it. The system will automatically associate a post child category with the parent category.
  • Each post should have several tags entered by the contributor in the tags field. These tags are key words for the post and should NOT be capitalized unless the tag is a proper noun. Multiple tags should be set off by commas.

Special coding

  • Where appropriate (such as with tables), contributors may use the HTML editor in WordPress to create posts. However, this should be done carefully.

Pasting copy

  • Contributors who paste content from Word documents into TTT posts must use the Word pasting utility in the Visual Editor Kitchen sink to do so.


  • Contributors must have accounts with Gravatar where they have G-rated images associated with the account they use for TTT.