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Equipment checkout rules

Updated 8/21/08


  • Checkout times are 8:30-5:30 Monday – Thursday, 8:30-4:30 Friday. No equipment will be checked out or returned after these times. All equipment will be checked out and returned to Mass Comm. RM 07, located in the basement.
  • The checkout duration is 24 hours during the week. Equipment checked out on Friday must be back by 10 am the next Monday.
  • You may not check out equipment consecutive days. For example: If you check out equipment on Tuesday and return in on Wednesday, you must wait until Thursday to check out equipment again.
  • The same person that checked out the equipment must return it.
  • You must have all forms and tests (if applicable) on file before you can checkout equipment. Your instructor will hand these out.
  • Bring a photo ID when you come to checkout equipment.
  • You can reserve equipment by signing up in your class reserve book located in RM 07. You are encouraged to do so. You are allowed to reserve up to one week from the current day. For example: If you come in to reserve on a Tuesday, you can do so for any day up to the following Tuesday.
  • If you reserve a camera at a certain time, it is due back by that same time the next day, regardless of when you pick it up.
  • Only the person that reserved the equipment can checkout the equipment.
  • If you reserve something, you have a 30 min. window to pick up the equipment. After that, it becomes available to anyone; unless you have made arrangements with Josh Robinson.
  • Equipment cannot be checkout after the last day of classes. Equipment is not available to be checked out during long holidays, including Spring Break.
  • If you have any other questions or need to make arrangements about equipment you have reserved, contact Josh Robinson at 742-6500 ext. 225. YOU MAY NOT RESERVE BY PHONE.
  • Your instructor may have other rules that apply to equipment for your specific class.
  • CHECK YOUR EQUIPMENT BEFORE YOU LEAVE. When you sign for equipment, you are acknowledging that it is fully functioning, undamaged, and that all parts are there. The time to discover that you do not have an item or that something is damaged is before you leave.
  • The College of Mass Communications is NOT responsible for losses related to non-functioning or malfunctioning equipment or operator error.
  • You are encouraged to thoroughly inspect and test each piece of equipment. Call to the attention of the equipment room staff any defects, dents, dings, missing parts, etc. and ensure that these are noted on your Checkout Sheet. If you do not check equipment before you leave, and it is broken or missing upon return, you are responsible for repair or replacement.
  • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING THE OPERATION OF ALL EQUIPMENT YOU CHECK OUT. Do not check out equipment that you do not know how to use. Ask your instructor and/or TA to for additional instruction. The equipment room staff does not ordinarily have time to train you thoroughly during your checkout appointment.
  • When you return your equipment the equipment room staff will inspect it carefully and call to your attention any suspected damage or missing parts. ALL equipment that is checked out will be inspected upon check in whether you used it or not.
  • Return all equipment the way you received it. Cables and wires should be neatly coiled and wrapped. Tape should be removed from cables and other equipment. Pieces of grass and clumps of dirt should be removed from equipment. You will be asked to clean or coil equipment that is not in acceptable condition during your check in.

Late Return/Lost or Damaged Equipment

  • You are financially responsible for all equipment that you check out.
  • If any equipment is turned in late or incomplete (bag, cable, etc. missing), you will not be allowed to check out equipment for TWO WEEKS FROM THE DAY IT WAS DUE. Plus you are still responsible for returning or replacing the missing equipment. IF YOU ARE LATE A SECOND TIME, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CHECK OUT ANY EQUIPMENT FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE SEMESTER.
  • I understand if I fail to meet any one of the three obligations noted on the release form, an administrative hold may be placed on my access to such university procedures as registration, release of transcripts,             and course add/drops.  It is the student’s responsibility to get the hold released, which can        be accomplished by meeting the requirements of the College of Mass Communications.
  • If, for any reason, equipment is lost or damaged, you will be required to fill out a “Lost/Damaged Equipment” form.
  • If any equipment becomes lost or damaged while in you possession, you will receive a “0” on that project until you replace or repair the equipment.
  • In the case of damaged equipment, Dr. Reddick will determine if the damage is a result of normal wear and tear. If he believes it is not, he will determine if the item can be repaired, and if so, if it can be repaired here or if it needs to be sent away for repair. His decision is Final. If he is unable to determine the cause of damage, the equipment will be sent to the proper repair facility for evaluation. Then, their decision becomes final.

Checkout Rules Agreement Form


Student Name: _________________________ Class: _______________

Instructor: _________________

By signing this, I acknowledge that I have received and agree to the Checkout Rules (Updated 8/21/07). I understand the instructions and guidelines for checking out any equipment from the College of Mass Communications.  


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