Cameras, tripods, software and more

Production of news packages in a multi-platform newsroom requires the deployment of cameras, tripods, recording equipment and other resources. Our newsroom doubles as a studio where interviews can be conducted and newscasts staged. This page serves as an index to important resources for explaining equipment procedures and policies and links to important training material.

Resources for our newsroom include Sony camcorders, Canon digital cameras, Frezzi portable lights, studio lighting, various tripods, teleprompter, podcast sound studios and various computers.

The software ALL students are expected to be reasonably proficient with includes:

  1. Web browser software other than Internet Explorer (which does not work with one of our newsroom untilities)
  2. Word processor (such as MS Word)
  3. Text editor (such as Notepad or Text Wrangler)
  4. Fireworks image manipulation software (PhotoShop is an acceptable second choice if you already know how to use it as is PaintShop Pro)
  5. Final Cut Express video editing software (works only on Mac)
  6. Garage Band audio capture and editing software used for podcasting (optional)

Getting help

Each of you is expected to be proficient (not expert, not even necessarily masters) in basic operations of Fireworks (should be new to most of you) and Final Cut Express (new to many of you). We will have instruction during lab time the first two weeks of the term. After that, you are on your own, but we do have a number of resources to help you.

These include:

  • Training videos and short courses at the ATLC in the basement of the University Library
  • Atomic Learning videos and courses using the Journalism Department login
  • Books available at the library or for purchase through bookstores
  • Other online tutorials and documentation
  • Classmates