Equipment policy agreement


I have read this equipment responsibility/security statement and understand that if a camera/camcorder/VCR is damaged through negligence or missing while in my possession—or—if any associated support hardware/supplies (microphones, cables, lenses, filters, batteries, headphones, lights, tripod, tripod adapter plates) are damaged through negligence or missing while in my possession, I will:

  1. pay for any electronic or mechanical parts required to repair damages;
  2. pay for any maintenance/service repairs/calibration made by a commercial company, technician or manufacturer;
  3. reimburse the College of Mass Communications the replacement cost for any equipment and/or associated hardware lost, stolen, or missing.

I understand if I fail to meet any one of the three obligations, an administrative hold may be placed on my access to such university procedures as registration, release of transcripts, and course add/drops.  It is the student’s responsibility to get the hold released, which can be accomplished by meeting the requirements of the College of Mass Communications.

I agree to never leave checked-out equipment unattended.  I agree to return all equipment only when staff/personnel are available to receive it.

I also understand that equipment is available for student use only after satisfactorily passing an equipment practical exam.  All exam scores and any other forms must be on file with the staff/personnel responsible for checking out equipment before I can use any video, photography, or studio equipment.

I understand that all equipment is available for a maximum period of 24 hours Monday-Thursday.  Equipment checked out by Friday noon must be returned not later than 10:00 A.M. Monday.  I understand that photography studio equipment is only available for use in the studio.

I have been given an opportunity to ask questions regarding this policy agreement and have received clarification pertaining to any question(s) from the course instructor, lab assistant, or equipment checkout staff/personnel to my complete satisfaction.


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