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Camera training video online

Students in JOUR 4350 will be using Sony professional "Z" cameras for all video work. The camera checkout procedures require that you pass a test on the camera to be authorized to check it out.

Don't despair. There are training videos that show you what you need to know. The video is available in the Camera_tutorial folder on the class server where you are asked to submit all files for News Central.

The training video

Go to a computer on campus where you can map a network drive as we do for all copy submissions. You may have to be in 005 to make all of this work. Using Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) open the "Camera_tutorial" folder by double-clicking on it. On a Mac you will use the Finder. Then double-click on the movie file for the Z camera. This should launch an appropriate movie player, and you should have no trouble watching the video.