Tracking stories with the assignment sheet

Team leaders have responsibility for organizing a team of reporters to develop a news story and to produce news packages. They are responsible for seeing that all avenues of a story are explored and covered. As part of this process, they complete an online form that defines and describes

  1. the story itself
  2. the legs/angles/avenues of the story
  3. who is on the team
  4. what responsibilities each team member has for reporting
  5. who on each team is responsible for doing camera work and video production

Nobody on a team and no individual will receive credit for a story unless the assignment sheet has been properly completed! As you fill out the sheet, you should find the following hints helpful:

Due Date: You must correct the due date – not the date that comes up by default – in the form. The due date is always a Thursday on an odd numbered week. You – and other people in class – will be searching for assignments based on due dates. If you have not entered the correct date, your story sheet will be lost.

Reporter Names: Select from the drop-down menus the names for each of the reporters on your team, reporters 1-4. Select your name in the "Team Leader" field. Remember, nobody on your team gets credit for their work unless the worksheet is properly completed.

Story Description: This should provide enough detail to explain the story. What is your central story? What is the News Hook? Within what context does it reside? Also report here who is going to be your camera person. Who is going to do your video production. Who is your Web development person? Who is your print designer?

Story Avenues: In Advanced Reporting, you learned about using data and other means for setting a story in a context that gives it meaning. You also learned about the story planning exercise of identifying "All the Players." All of these suggest different angles or avenues that could be pursued.