Getting ahead

“Those who get ahead in the news business almost invariably share one trait – initiative.”

Newsroom initiative / enterprise

Those who get ahead in the news business almost invariably share one trait – initiative. Most often expressed as newsroom "enterprise," this individual behavior often rubs off on other members of a news team, improving the entire operation. News managers look for this trait in young reporters and new hires.

Newsroom enterprise

In News Central, there are two common ways to exercise initiative on a week-to-week basis. The first is simply to "go the extra mile" for your news team on whatever project they are working on. This means extra digging for the right facts to set your story off. It means chasing down exceptional sources. It means taking time to mine data sets that might yield information that provides added perspective to your story. It means reading extra books and newspaper and magazine articles to get information that adds meaningful depth to your piece. You get the idea.

The second way to exercise initiative is to set out on your own to do a story YOU want to do. You may choose to do this because you thought you brought a really good story idea to the News Budget Meeting, but the story was not adopted by a team; so you set out to do the story anyway – in addition to fulfilling your usual newsroom duties. Or, you may just find a story that you want to do on your own. In either case, you should discuss your story idea with your instructor first.

Submitting for credit

If you develop a story on your own, you will be responsible for doing all the management / reporting tasks a team leader does. This includes completing an assignment sheet online, getting a folder assigned to you, and bundling all your files into your folder.

Note: Stories written for the Tech imPRESSions magazine beyond requirements for this or other journalism classes may be counted toward leadership points in JOUR 4350. These stories as a rule are submitted to the instructor by e-mail.