Overview: Project work flow & reporting

This is a sequential outline of how normal copy works its way through News Central and the reporting process involved.

  1. Students submit story ideas, as a team or as individuals, according to "pitching story" directions given in the budget meeting document.
  2. Story ideas are discussed during the news budget meeting.
  3. At the conclusion of the budget meeting, specific story assignments are made to individuals and to teams of 4-5 reporters (no more) formed during the budget meeting. Teams meet groupwise at the direction of the team leader.
  4. For each story assigned, the person responsible (individual or team leader) completes a story assignment sheet according to instructions provided online.
  5. Students do story research, conduct interviews, shoot photographs and video, record audio, gather and analyze data according to the assignments they have. For each news cycle, every student in class turns in some form of stand-alone written report (AP Style) for the Web.
  6. Students file copies of their individual reports (and scripts if assigned), photos and graphics images, and NOTES (after saving originals on their own storage devices) inside the Z: Drive folder assigned to the story within the Cycle / WeekN folder ("N" being replaced by the week the packages are due — usually an odd number). Note: files should be named according to News Central file naming rules.
  7. For every news cycle, you must also file a finished version of your story online at texastechtoday.com. If this is a team project, each student will be filing separate materials, and the online package will probably have several pages to it.
  8. The team leader reviews first drafts and returns for editing as necessary with the purpose of turning finished copy over to the respective producers who will create finished packages before deadline. To make this work well, reporters' drafts should be submitted by Thursday or Friday of the week the budget meeting takes place.
  9. When all reports are in final form (typically on the Monday following the budget meeting), the team leader creates two after reports (in Word) that are a follow-up on the assignment form. In this report, s/he gives an inventory of all the files and packages his team produced and who produced them. This version of the report goes to the Web editor and the TV News Director on Monday following the budget meeting.
  10. A second version of the team leader's after report is sent by e-mail directly to the course instructor. This version contains the inventory as well as comments on individual team members' work habits and notes on any thing that did not go according to plan.
  11. If as a team member, you wish to comment independently on how a story project went or was administered, feel free to contact your instructor online, by phone, or in person.