Submitting work in News Central

As a team you have developed a story idea, pursued your sources and you now a great news package. Where do you deliver it? On the News Central file server:

  • PC? – You deliver it to \\\Faculty\rreddick
  • Mac? – You deliver it to (Cmd-K to connect)

Procedure for delivery

When the team leader filed your team's assignment sheet, your story was assigned a folder within the "weekxx" folder corresponding to the date your story is due. This folder is your team's shared workspace. Each person puts his / her contribution to the team inside this folder. You place your MS Word file that is your contribution to the larger story. If you have photo images, you place them here as well. Your story file will be named “yourlastname_storyX” where X is the number of the package you are submitting (1-5). You must take your own steps to save copies of all your work.

The team leader and the producers will use the materials placed in this folder to create the finished stories that go into your team's story packages. On the video side of things, only the final, edited .mov file goes into this folder.

For Web and print packages, these files are merely the raw material used to create the finished projects.

Map a network drive (Windows)

The easiest way to place files in these shared folders is to use Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) to map the main folder as a network drive. We will call this new "drive" the Z: drive for the rest of the semester. The following instructions refer specifically to a PC environment, but the process is similar on a Mac. Open Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) by typing Windows-E. You can connect one of two ways.

  1. “Map a Network Drive” from the Tools Menu
  2. Just type the PC address above into Windows Explorer address window (Figure 1)

Figure 1        Figure 1

You then will be challenged for a user name and a password. Provide the user name and password your were given in class. When you are connected, doubleclick on the "Public" folder and what you see should look like Figure 2. You now can navigate to the folder assigned to you and then drag your files into the folders assigned to your teams throughout the semester.

Figure 2    Figure 2