Filing your story on the Web

You have gone out and collected information from people, from documents and from data sets. You have taken still images, and maybe video to help tell your story. You have written your story using Microsoft Word, and you have placed all documents in the assigned folder on the Z: Drive. You have even written an after report. But you are not done.

You must also file your story online with Here is how you do it:

  1. Log in.
  2. From the system "Dashboard," click "Add New" under "Posts" or simply click "New Post."

    Texas Tech Today Dashboard

  3. Enter a short headline for your story in the Title field. Make sure that the "Visual" NOT the "HTML" tab is selected for the post area, and make sure the "Kitchen Sink" is open, showing the second level of post writing icons, as below.

    The post writing dialog

  4. Open your story in Word. Do "Edit / Select All" (Ctrl-A or Cmd-A). This places all text on the clipboard.
  5. Now click the "Paste from Word" icon and follow instructions to paste your story into into the Post field. Be sure you have included [in brackets] at the end of your story a list of image filenames that go with your story. These images are stored on the Z: Drive.
  6. Select the proper category for your story from the category menu. DO NOT add a new category.
  7. Carefully, type (do not misspell a word) in the "Tags" field a couple of key words that might help someone looking for your story to find it. Separate the key words with commas.

    The tag and category fields

  8. Click "Submit for Review" when you have the story the way you want it.

Your story is now in the system, and your editors will review what you have written and your images prior to publishing the story for the world to see.